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                 山東研新農化有限公司原藥、中間體、制劑三大產業初具規模,我們將進一步向生物農藥邁進,把企業做強做大,實現企業又快又好發展。愿以良好的信譽、完善的服務 ,與客戶及同仁真誠合作,攜手奮進,共創輝煌。

            Shandong Yanxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. , Which is located in the beautiful vegetable town-Shouguang, Shandong province, which is a modern new model comprehensive company integrate with science, industry and trade. Which is a new technology-based company in our pesticide industry. The company insists on taking the market as the guide and following the tenet of "science and technology as the forerunner, quality for survival, reputation for development", and which is committed to the development and sales of agrochemicals. The products cover the sales of pesticides, fungicides, pesticide intermediate products and preparations. It can also provide product development, process improvement, optimization design and other project services based on user needs. 


            We follow the principle of "cooperation, harmony, development, and win-win", we adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation", build brand reputation in the competitive agrochemical market, shape harmonious marketing, and establish a win-win strategic partnership. 


            Shandong Yanxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. has begun to take shape in the three major industries of technical medicines, intermediates and preparations. We will further advance towards bio-pesticides, strengthen and expand the company, and achieve rapid and sound development of the company. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with customers and colleagues with good reputation and perfect service, and forge ahead hand in hand to create brilliant.


            山東研新農化有限公司,專營 農藥原藥 推薦產品 農藥醫藥中間體 等業務,有意向的客戶請咨詢我們,龍經理:13884820505 王經理:15966180505  齊經理:13953650505 (微信同號) 外貿經理:15863270505  郵箱:sdyxnh@163.com

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